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Guidance Regarding Major Currency Pair USD and CHF

October 31, 2014 1:01 PM0 comments

Major currency pairs traded worldwide have unusual characteristics. Choice of pairs depends on the trader’s category and style. Eight major pairs include: 1. EUR/USD 2. GBP/USD 3. USD/CHF 4. USD/JPY 5. AUD/USD 6. USD/CAD 7. EUR/GBP 8. EUR/JPY Besides Dollar and Yen, CHF or Confoederatio Helvetica Franc is the 3rd […]

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Securing the best home insurance; getting all your belongings protected

11:35 AM0 comments

You’re probably in the high percentage of people that have lost their phone due to water damage. The first time it happens you think “ah but I have insurance, perfect!” only to discover water damage isn’t part of the policy at all. In fact, water damage is ranked first when […]

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Teaching money saving skills to children – safeguarding their future

11:23 AM0 comments

It is said that habits which are begun in childhood remain the same all throughout life. One such important thing that children need to learn from the beginning is money management. Honing the skill of managing funds helps in the long run as with time handling funds become a duty. […]

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What Your College Degree Didn’t Teach You

8:27 AM0 comments
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The majority of recent college graduates are not only unemployed, but are also sitting on a pile of debt. If you’re in this situation, in this current economy, it is tougher now more than ever to find a well-paying job, let alone a well-paying job in your degree field. As […]

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5 Common Industries That Will Always Be Lucrative

October 30, 2014 10:08 PM0 comments
5 Common Industries That Will Always Be Lucrative

If you have money to invest in a certain sector, you may be wondering how best to spend your cash. Finding the right products or stock will mean the difference between making huge profits or losing out on money. When you are considering what to buy, you should think about […]

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Global Equity Markets Posting New Gains

9:35 PM0 comments

The Global equity market has seen gains in the past week on the back of positive reports from Procter & Gamble and Microsoft, as well as reduced fears over the spread of Ebola in the United States.  The recovery boosted American shares, and prices of safe-haven American Treasuries remained stable. […]

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Research-Driven Investment

12:49 PM0 comments

Even when the market is going strong, carefree investing is never a smart idea. Careful research is required before making an investment at any level, or investors are apt to learn the hard way about investing without essential information about a company and its performance history. When it comes to […]

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Medical Testing Is A Powerful Growth Field

10:14 AM0 comments

  When the opportunity to invest in a new business comes up, the tried-and-true list comes to the forefront. Retail, food service, and communications are obvious choices. And that very characteristic makes those fields far more competitive than many nascent entrepreneurs would like. The most successful startups step away from the high-profile options […]

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The Many Health Advantages of Eating Your Supergreens

9:37 AM0 comments

  Have you eaten your five a day today? Most of us really struggle to get to that amount. We know that we need to eat fruits and vegetables, particularly green leafy varieties or supergreens, but how do we incorporate them into our daily diet? It is these vegetables that […]

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Some Things to Consider when Investing in Oncology Practice Management Software

9:34 AM0 comments

  There are many different types of oncology practice management software packages available on the market. This means that choosing the right one for your practice can be quite a lot of for. We know that billing for an oncology practice is very different from regular practices, which is why […]

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